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Come and visit Germany!

  • A nation located in the heart of Europe
  • A country endowed with a large variety of landscapes
  • An old culture that has evolved in permanent deliberation with those of its neighbours

Berlin: Bode Museum

© B. Weitz

Cologne Cathedral: detail

© D. Kennett

Berlin: Domaine Dahlem

© B. Weitz

Ludwigsburg Castle: interior

© B. Weitz

Castle “Faithful Wives”

© B. Weitz

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Study History!

As one of the larger West European countries, Germany boasts a wide variety of landscapes. Located in the heart of Europe, its people were affected by any idea moving from one end of the continent to another. These two factors combined to create a diversity of customs and traditions that are the foundation of the country’s one thousand year old culture.

At BLAUE BLUME® Reisen we would like to share our culture and history with you by creating tours that explore a specific topic. We visit different sites related to the topic in question and listen to lectures by local experts. We also enjoy events that highlight the topic we are talking about on a specific tour such as music and dance performances, guided tours in period costumes, culinary specialities, scientific experiments, and many more. This combination of study and event makes each of our tours both educational and fun!

Our tours may be divided into the following six areas of interest; every year, we attempt to add an additional tour to each of these areas of interest!

  • History
  • Music
  • Art
  • Tales, Myths, and Traditions
  • Nature
  • Regions
  • History

    The first of our history tours is “Martin Luther and the Reformation”. We are currently working on a tour called “Romanii in Germania” which explores the era of the Roman provinces along the Rhine and the Danube rivers. Another tour of interest is Industrial Development in the 19th Century with its magnificent factories, some of which now belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This tour will also pay tribute to social and health aspects of the industrial revolution. The focus of our history tours can be roughly divided into three groups: political, religious, and social history.

    Xanten: Roman ruins

    © D. Kennett


    Germany is “music land”! Name twenty of what you think are the greatest classical composers of all times, and half of them are likely to be German. Today this heritage can be seen in a dense network of excellent choirs and orchestras all across the country. The aim of our music tours is to explore the life, work, and lasting influence of some of these classical composers and to enjoy performances by various wonderful choirs and orchestras. Our first music tour investigates the life and music of Johann Sebastian Bach; we are currently working on a tour on Robert Schumann, Clara Wieck, and Johannes Brahms.

    The world-renowned Amacord Ensemble

    © Dreieck Marketing / Verlag Marcus Böhm


    Germany has no Louvre or British Museum to boast of. Yet the many quasi- independent states that made up Germany for centuries strived to become “a little Versaille” in their own right. As a result some very impressive art collections can be found all over the country, art collections few outside of Germany know of. In a series of tours, of which “Art in the South-West” is the first, we want to make a wider public outside of Germany aware of this rich heritage. Other art tours will focus on specific artistic movements such as “The Bauhaus” or “Art Colonies in the 19th Century”.

    Düsseldorf Art Galery

    © B. Weitz

    Tales, Myths, and Traditions

    Innumerable tales, myths, legends, and sagas have accompanied traditional life for centuries. Many are known only locally, others, such as the Fairy Tales of the Grimm Brothers or the Nibelungs Saga, enjoy world-wide renown. In fact, a tour exploring the region where the Grimm Brothers collected their fairy tales is our first tour in this category. Currently we are working on a tour on German Advent- and Christmas traditions. Other tours, e.g. wine tours, will focus more on culinary aspects.

    Cinderella © R. Sagawe


    Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Europe is unique among the continents in terms of climate. No other region this close to a polar region can claim such moderate weather. The moderate weather supports a wide variety of animals and plants. Despite its high population density, Germany is particularly richly endowed with fauna and flora due to its very diverse landscape (a wide range of geologically diverse mountain ranges between the High Alps and the North German Plain which is bordered by the Baltic Sea in the East and the North Sea’s Wadden Sea in the West). Our first nature tour explores the “Wadden Sea”; we are currently working on a geological tour covering the “Volcanic Eifel” (European Geoparc).

    Birch forrest © B. Weitz


    This is the most traditional type of tour as it concentrates on a region rather than a topic. True to our credo “small is beautiful” we will not only pay attention to a region’s celebrated outstanding features and sites but also to lesser known, yet equally impressive locations. You will be surprised at what you will discover! Our first regional tour heads to the nation’s capital Berlin; we are currently working on a tour of the Bodensee (Lake Constance) region.

    Weinsberg village church

    © B. Weitz